Pilot Project at Djerassi October 20-November 18, 2015
IDEO-Awarded OpenIDEO concept

The Young Artists’ Fellowship at Djerassi, is an experimental design and social engagement project born out of close collaboration with OpenIDEO, an online, global platform for social and environmental good, and the support of Djerassi Resident Artist Program. Our initiative was awarded by IDEO and YMCA challenge sponsors in 2013, and we are now excited to announce that our Pilot Youth Fellowship at Djerassi Resident Artists Program launches this fall with high school students from East Palo Alto School, Eastside College Prep, Palo Alto’s Gunn High school, and our inaugural artist, Melissa Wyman.

We are honored to have our pilot residency supported by Djerassi Resident Artist Program, The Lava Thomas and Peter Danzig Fellowship and the Silicon Valley Creative Impact & Audience Engagement Grant by the Applied Materials Foundation. For more info and updates, check out the new website for the pilot program at Djerassi with resident artist, Melissa Wyman:

Melissa Wyman works across a variety of media, including performance, social practice, installation, painting, and drawing, Her practice often focuses on youth education and collaborative interdisciplinary projects investigating interpersonal exchanges and alternative means of negotiation.



Silicon Valley Creative Impact Fund


Djerassi Resident Artists Program & Lava Thomas and Peter Danzig Fellowship

Over the course of a year as a Bay Area OpenIDEO meet-up coordinator, I ran a number of meet-ups at IDEO, Palo Alto, and participated in a number of OpenIDEO social and environmental challenges, experimenting with the interplay of social practice and experimental design. Through community research, an iterative, collaborative design thinking process, and with the support of the Djerassi Resident Artist Program as well as the OpenIDEO community, our concept was awarded by challenge sponsors, IDEO and YMCA and moved forward to the Pilot phase with Djerassi in 2015. Our unique immersive residency connects high school youth and their school communities with the international artist residency network and enables high school youth from diverse backgrounds to join voices and probe issues that matter to them through visual, exploratory, and experimental projects. For this Young Artists’ Fellowship, high school students will be given the gift of space and time to experiment and co-author a creative work in the community with the resident artist at their local residency, and the residency will deepen their ties with their local community.