Painting Cathedral Rock (in progress video), video still, 2016

Painting Cathedral Rock, video still, 2016

Painting Cathedral Rock

Experimental film/video installation, 2017, TRT: 3:51 mins (fine cut)

Part experimental film, part performative painting, part video installation, “Painting Cathedral Rock” investigates an iconic and contested landscape and the space between cinematic spectacle and contemplative vision.

This work was produced with the support of the Sedona AIR, Sedona Arts Center and Verde Valley School and was filmed at the Gretchen Warren Chapel, Verde Valley School, Arizona.

Directed, performed, and edited by Mel Day
Cinematographer: James Kelley for Shot by RyanRyan MacKenzie
Sound: James Kelley

Thanks to the support of:

Melissa Wyman, organizer of Sedona AIR Bay Area group (Michael Namkung, Amanda Curreri, Llewelynn Fletcher, Lukaza Brandman-Verrisimo, Grace Rosario Perkins, José Luis Iñiguez, Cara Levine, Weston Teruya, Melissa Wyman, Mel Day).

Carol HolyoakeManager, Sedona Arts Center
Eric Holowacz, Excecutive Director, Sedona Arts Center
Paul Amadio, Head of Verde Valley School
Sedona Arts Center
Verde Valley School

December 2: Preview event
December 3rd, Public Opening (11-5pm)

Cubberley Artist Studio Program
4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto