Study Guide for Experimental Contemplatives: Volumes 1-3, 57 x 37″ 2011 (Image credit: Jeffery Cross)


Performative Exchange (Volume One), 2011(Image credit: Jeffery Cross)


Study Guide for Experimental Contemplatives: Absorption Practices (Volume Two), 2011
Study Guides for Experimental Contemplatives: The Possibility of Voice (Volume Three), 2011
Studies for Study Guides: Lightbox Series
Studies for Study Guides: Small Works on Paper 

Image credit: Jeffery Cross

Study Guide for Experimental Contemplatives (Vol. 1) explores the possibility of an experimental study guide for typically insular groups and ideas. The covers feature photographs of select ‘experimental contemplative actions’, and the inside spreads incorporate scanned images of book spreads modified with sparse drawings and notations. Originally commissioned by UC Berkeley’s Alumni Magazine, this work was later developed into a three-volume series as part of a Visiting Artist Residency at Stanford University’s Experimental Media Art Lab. Volume 1 was also featured on Frequencies, an online collaborative genealogy of spirituality, curated by Kathryn Lofton and John Lardas Modern for the Social Science Research Council, Brooklyn, NY. / www.MMD.CA