Between Believing, Lightbox with backlit transparency, 12 x 24", 2011; Film short, 2009-2010, TRT: 8:18 min.

Early one morning, two priests, two scientists, and one rogue gospel singer meet in an abandoned tunnel in a secluded forest. They begin to chant and sing back and forth. Two stories — stories about believing and not believing.

2010 Screening at CINEMA BY THE BAY: EXPERIMENTAL FILM—CROSS-CUTS, San Francisco Film Society and Southern Exposure Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

> Watch Between Believing 1 min. clip

Filmed in an abandoned tunnel, Marin Headlands, California
Produced and Directed by Mel Day
Director of Photography: Jeff Hanley
Darrel Tate: Rogue Gospel Singer
Anne Lamott Chanters: Rev. Frannie Hall-Kieschnick, Episcopal Priest; Rev. Coryl Lassen, Episcopal Priest
Richard Dawkins Chanters:  Frank Ham, Scientist; Ronald Mancini, Retired Engineer
Production Assistants: Miriam Dym & Sally Mancini
Post Production Assistance: Eric Bailey
Texts set to chant by: Michael Taylor Musical Director, Trinity Episcopal Church

Special Thanks

David Santamaria
Trinity Episcopal Church, Menlo Park
Djerassi Resident Program
Lea Feinstein
Tom and Dale Ham
Lynne and Alan
Frank, Callum & Fynn

Commission for Discernment © 2010