Instructions for Perpetual Light (ongoing project), created with the help of Miriam Dym of Dym Products

An evolving performative piece, Instructions for Perpetual Light, focuses around a custom-made Dym Products fluorescent coat. It is passed around at various gallery shows and events in honor of those no longer present, with the help of an instruction card in the pocket. A growing archive of photographs accompanies this work.

Instructions for Perpetual Light has been presented at a number of galleries, workshops and events, including: Root Division (Live Performance in From our Bodies Blinking), 2012; OpenIDEO meet-up (2013); UC Berkeley Art & Meditation class (2013); and most recently at Manresa Gallery, USF for a Design Thinking Death over Dinner Workshop (2014).

Coat created by textile artist Miriam Dym of Dym Products.

Selected photos featured below.