Video out-takes: Detritus at ICA

Recently exhibited at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art as part of group exhibition Detritus curated by Kevin Chen, Lisa Ellsworth and Lordy Rodriguez, these video out-takes from previously discarded, unfinished and ongoing projects draw together unexpected, awkward and sometimes humorous moments—re-considering the B-Roll and that which is created in the margins.

Curated by Kevin Chen, Lisa Ellsworth, Lordy Rodriguez, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
June 25 – Sept 10, 2017 | Opening Reception: Sunday June 25



Mel Day, Video Out-takes from Mel Day on Vimeo.

Djerassi Conducting Project, 2010, Djerassi Resident Artists Program
Pictured from top: George Brant; middle image: Pamela Z and Mel Day; bottom image: Mel Day

Doxology Out-takes, 2005-15 (Pictured: Rowena Day)