Art Fair Silicon Valley / San Francisco, Day & Ham collaboration

Cloud of Unknowing, graphite, digital pigment print on archival back-lit transparency paper, 54 x 46 in, 2015

Cloud of Unknowing, Collaboration with Frank Ham, graphite, digital pigment print on archival back-lit transparency paper, 54 x 46 in, 2015

Code & Noise, curated by curator Christine Duval

Art Fair Silicon Valley / San Francisco

Oct 8 – 11th, 2015

JD Beltran
Mel Day & Frank Ham
Laurie Frick
James Lanahan
Clive McCarthy
Scott Minneman
Simon Pyle
Yang Yongliang

In new collaborative, hybrid media work, interdisciplinary artist Mel Day and computational scientist Frank Ham visualize and study instability. High fidelity, state of the art turbulence visualizations animate the largely blank spreads of old hymn books, offering glimpses into hidden, unfurling tonality and structures of chaos. The turbulent wake mixes with the quiescent, surrounding flow, revealing and disrupting itself over the books’ facing pages in never-ending mutations of vorticity. Using the hymn book as aesthetic laboratory and mystical space, modified with sparse drawings and revised notations, Day & Ham seek to re-work relationships between the technologically and traditionally sublime, the real and the hyper real, and the infinite, mesmerizing possibilities of the unknowable, emergent, and ungraspable form.

*Day is working in collaboration with Frank Ham from Cascade Technologies, a computational fluid dynamics company developing state of the art Large Eddy Simulation (LES) technology and the direct representation of large-scale, high fidelity turbulent motions. The complex turbulent flow is simulated in the wake of a bluff body by solving the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations.


Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco (Art SV/SF) is Art Miami’s International Contemporary and Modern Art Fair on the West Coast. I’ll be showing new collaborative work with computational scientist Frank Ham (Cascade Technologies) in the exhibition CODE AND NOISE, curated by Christine Duval. This exhibition presents eleven artists from Chicago, New York, the Bay Area, China and Japan who use, create or leverage on software to produce works that are engaging, stimulating and allow to ponder on many current issues such as the environment, memory, art history, data collection and surveillance.

Lovers of Truth

For the Lovers of Truth Everywhere, Day & Ham, plywood, projector, back-lit transparency digital pigment print, graphite, LED lights, 41 x 20 x 15 in., 2015