2 ideas win OpenIDEO Challenge: Djerassi/OpenIDEO Youth Fellowship & OpenIDEO Youth Platform

OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform for social and environmental good. As a collaborative experiment in social open innovation, I organized a series of meet-ups at IDEO, Palo Alto as an OpenIDEO meet-up coordinator and I also collaborated on the OpenIDEO platform with my partner, Frank Ham, to pitch and develop a number of ideas for a host of social challenges sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, United Nations, etc. Thanks to the help of many our OpenIDEO collaborators and meet-up members, challenge sponsor IDEO awarded two of our concepts for the creative confidence challenge. You can learn more about our two projects by watching our “pitch videos” below!

UPDATE! We are currently in the pilot phase of a partnership with Djerassi Artist Resident Program and OpenIDEO to develop an OpenIDEO Young Artists + Innovators in Residence Program with an East Palo Alto School and Bay Area artist Melissa Wyman. The pilot program is slated for the Fall of 2015. Big thanks to Djerassi Director Margot Knight for supporting this initiative right from the beginning. More to come!

See 30 second video pitch for concepts:

Young Artists + Innovators-in-Residence: from Mel Day on Vimeo.

Young People’s OpenIDEO from Mel Day on Vimeo.